Storage management

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Glass is a fragile material that can easily be damaged, both mechanically and chemically, however if it is handled properly it can practically last forever. As the risk for damage is at its highest during glass transport and treatment within the processing facility, such risk can be mitigated by following proper procedures with respect to handling and storage. Particularly, the storage area needs to be clean and dry, allowing for adequate circulation of cool and dry air, while the path of glass handling within the facility should be unobstructed and as automated as possible.

Aiming at maximizing both safety and speed of processing, VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies” has invested in a pioneering float glass storage management system..

It is a fully automated robotic installation for the management of float and laminate glass sheets of jumbo dimensions, placing emphasis on production speed and flexibility. The handling of the various types of float or laminate glass is performed through the fully autonomous movement of the storage racks, without human intervention, following a predefined schedule based on production planning.

The robotic storage management system lies at the core of all subsequent processes performed within the facility.