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Five decades of growth and advancement can certainly be primarily attributed to the historically highly trained and talented workforce of VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies”. Recognizing the significance of the human element in achieving success, special care has been taken to assure that at all times, talented, dedicated and highly trained people have occupied positions of responsibility.

That, in turn, has led to a sense of belonging in a wider family, where all share the same goals of personal advancement and the advancement of glass processing.

VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies” has established a framework in the management of its human resources that allows for:

  • Specifying the core competences and required levels of compliance for each position which directly impacts the quality of the product,

  • Providing adequate training to meet and exceed the requirements of a given position,

  • Evaluating employee performance,

  • Keeping employees informed on major developments and aware of how their work contributes in the achievement of quality at all levels,

  • Maintaining records on aspects such as skills, education and training levels.

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