Laminate & coated laminate glass handling

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The fully automated laminate glass line and cutting table aim at achieving maximum glass protection and handling safety, at the highest possible speed of processing. It avoids human intervention by automatically loading and transferring the glass from the storage management system through tilted loading arms onto the cutting table.

To avoid permanent damage on the glass surface or its coating where applicable, the handling of laminate glass should be highly automated. In the presence of coating, this is achieved via the use of polishing wheels to perform the necessary edge deletion.

The system uses sensors to measure the number of membranes and the total thickness of the glass, in order to determine the optimal conditions for the application of an automatic tightening-detachment process, involving the use of heating elements combined with the mechanical impact of a cutting blade. In the event of irregular shapes and patterns, the use of lasers and specialized software avoids human intervention and provides for relatively straightforward cross-cutting.

At VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies”, the state-of-the-art automated laminate glass line and cutting table can handle laminate glass sheets of jumbo dimensions, with a cutting speed of up to 140m/min, independent of pattern complexity. The cutting table can also perform edge deletion of coatings of any thickness, while it utilizes specialized and easily evaporating cutting fluids in order to prevent damage of the coating, where applicable.