Float and coated glass handling

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An equally pioneering, fully automated conveyor and cutting table minimizes the risk for damage while maximizing the speed of processing.

Automation is critical in avoiding permanent damage on the surface or the coating of float glass. Human intervention should be kept at a minimum, while cutting at any type of shape should be directly designed and executed via specialized software.

At VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies”, the state-of-the-art automated conveyor and cutting table can handle glass sheets of jumbo dimensions, with a cutting capacity of 2.200m2/8hrs, reaching speeds of up to 200m/min, accelerating at 12m/sec, independent of cutting pattern complexity. It can also perform edge deletion of coatings of any thickness with a speed of up to 160m/min.

Finally, as cutting fluids should not stay on the surface of a coated glass too long, the table utilizes specialized and easily evaporating cutting fluids in order to prevent damage of the coating.