Insulating glass

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Float glass naturally exhibits low resistance in either heat gain or heat loss since it is highly conductive to heat exchange and has very low insulating properties. VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies” produces insulated glazing systems of dimensions up to 6.000mmX3.210mm, comprising of glass panes separated by either dehydrated air or a gas filled cavity, using spacers filled with silica, acting as a desiccant against moisture. Depending on the choice of glass types and their subsequent arrangement, the insulating properties of the glazing system can be combined with properties such as solar control, soundproofing, and safety.

As a rule, the constituent panes of an insulating glazing system are numbered starting with the outer glass surface, moving inwards.

Main characteristics:

1st level adhesion (Butyl)
Adhesive agent initially in solid form that is heat-softened, applied to the face of the spacer on each side, followed by the panes being pressed against the spacer. It demonstrates optimal adhesion and durability.

2st level sealing
There are three distinct categories of sealants suitable for this stage, based on their chemical composition. Polysulfide (cold application, hot melt, and structural silicone.


  • ΠIt is a two-ingredient sealant, exhibiting excellent performance against weathering, suitable for all types of glass. It is applied via a specialized apparatus that simultaneously during application and accurately mixes both ingredients, resulting in increased durability over time.
  • Known as hot sealant, it is applied through a nozzle that heats up the material which then solidifies as it gets colder. It is the most commonly applied material due to its ease of use and rapid solidification, however demonstrating less than optimal behavior in relatively high and relatively low temperatures, making it less suitable for marginally hot and cold climate conditions.
  • Single or double-ingredient sealant, exhibiting excellent performance over time, suitable for both interior and exterior applications, structural or semi-structural.