Waterjet cutting

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Robotic Waterjet Cutting The introduction of a fully automated waterjet processing line constitutes yet another innovation for VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies”. The combination of processes such as cutting, drilling, and milling in once machine, is a rather unique occurrence. These two functions coexist in a non-conflicting manner, allowing however for increased processing capacity when application of both is required on single sheet.

This has a direct positive impact on the production process, providing the user with high levels of flexibility in selecting the types of cutting required at any given time. In addition, the equipment features capabilities such as short-radius milling, milling polishing and high-speed drilling, with exceptional and reproducible positional accuracy.

Another aspect that makes the waterjet processing line unique is the automated loading and unloading of glass sheets. Aside from its practically endless choice of drilling and milling types, the line is able to perform grinding and polishing simultaneously with the process of edge cutting.

More specifically, the line offers the following features:

  • Waterjet cutting simultaneously with other processes, without the need for human intervention
  • Any type of drilling, without any restriction to the level of depth
  • A combination of the two above.

  • idrokopi Glass sheets are handled dynamically via vacuum zones which prohibit contact of the upper glass surface with the waterject apparatus, making it suitable for handling all types of glass, including low-e coated glass.

    The sections under vacuum are activated and deactivated according to the sheet’s position, while the system takes into account the sheet’s specific geometric characteristics, guaranteeing it’s properly positioned at times.